Beautiful farmscape near Saswad

Beautiful farmscape near Saswad

We photographed this beautiful farmscape near Saswad while returning from a quick trip to several ancient temples. I will create new posts on those temples very soon! The evening light on the beautiful farms after crossing Saswad going towards Pune was creating a mesmerizing sight. And this is what I could record on pixels there.

The freshness of the crop was around. We bought some freshly plucked custard apples and coriander leaves from the roadside villagers who were selling a portion of their fresh crop from their farms along.

Spooky Tree Tunnel

Spooky Tree Tunnel

It was a beautiful sight indeed! We were going to Sajjangad [Maharashtra, India] from Pune. A few kilometers before we reached, we saw this spectacular tree tunnel to pass through. The small portion of the road that passes through the spooky tree tunnel receives much less light and thus remains quite dark in daytime as well!

How do you like the spooky tree tunnel? Do give your comments :)

Beautiful waterfall in the Western Ghats, precisely at Bedse Caves

Hope you have seen my previous post. I have published 21 best macro photos I took at Bedse Caves. Here is another beauty from the same location. The waterfall is visible from the cave-front. Enjoy the video. It's in HD format. So go full-screen!

21 Best Macro Photos taken at Bedse Caves

Macro photo of a honeybee just taking off from a tiny flower

We went to Bedse Caves again last weekend. Until now, we hadn't enjoyed the beautiful location of the caves in the monsoon season, and so were highly excited to take photographs of the beauty around. This time we focussed on the monsoon magic in the mountains. There are plenty of undiscovered species of flora and fauna in the mountains of Western Ghats. The short trip gave us an opportunity to record some of them on pixels. Macro photography helped! I hope you will enjoy the macro photos.

Macro photo of a leaf that has some green portion and big dry portion

Macro photo of a small leaf with different shades of green with sunlight on it

Macro photo of a tiny insect on tiny flowers

Macro photo of leaves that look like stitched perfectly

Macro photo of a crab with focus on its eyes

Macro photo of moss in a cave

Macro photo of a flower-stem that has lost all the petals

Macro photo of a growing fern

Macro photo of a half-eaten leaf

Macro photo of a hidden oriental garden lizard

Macro photo of a honeybee on tiny nectar-filled flowers

Macro photo of a small honeybee

Macro photo of a tiny butterfly

Notice the above photo carefully. There is a tinier bug on the tiny butterfly's wing! The butterfly was merely a centimeter or two sized. How small the traveller bug must be! Here is a closer look…

Macro photo of a tiny butterfly carrying even tinier insect on its wings

Macro photo of an ant

Macro photo of an oriental garden lizard

Macro photo of buddying leaves

Macro photo of moss on rocks

Macro photo of pink colored buddying leaves

Macro photo of tiny nectar-filled wild colorful flowers

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