Beautiful Indian Peacock

Beautiful Indian Peacock

A couple of months back, we went for Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve safaris. Although, we did not spot any tiger, peacocks did not disappoint us. I have got dozens of beautiful peacock photos from there, which I will publish sometime in the future. For now, enjoy this just one beautiful Indian peacock photo.


  1. I am forever chasing peacocks, unsuccessfully, for the most part. In Patiala, my friend and I went where they were supposed to return to roost, about 6PM. Saw only a few, rather drab, paahens. Then, in Jaipur, they roosted in trees behind the house, making that strange cry, for hours. I saw them weighing down tree limbs but could never get a good shot.

    Yours is so beautiful...what I was hoping to get.

    You know, in my poetry book, there is a poem about the peacock.

    By the way, my Royal Caribbean friend, Ralph, along with his wife and daughter who live in the Philippines, will be back in Pune September 15, for a month I think. I'll definitely come up then.

    1. That is quite a detailed note, Carmen, and so good to discover!

      Most of the times, what we chase gives us what we used to chase. We were after getting a good tiger photo, but peacocks were super-easy to photograph there. Peacock photography was what I was trying for years! Haha :)

      You are welcome to Pune any time by the way.


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