Tourist bus services for various travel destinations

Note: This is a guest post by Mr Arjun Patel.

Are you planning for a holiday vacation? Then it is best for you and your family members to use a bus service to travel around the city where you are planning for a trip. There are lots of benefits of hiring the tour and travel buses. Bus services for various travel destinations are offered by many travel agencies. In India there are many travel destinations which have great tourist attractions. These places also have various historical landmarks. Hence every year a large number of people visit these places not only from inside the country but also from the entire world.

Bus transport is an important part of economy of any developing country. In recent years the infrastructure of travel services has developed more. Buses have played an important role to make the travel industry more popular among people because it provides an easy way of transport without any difficulties. These are also the convenient and cheapest way of travelling. In present scenario the bus services are governed by state governments, but many other private agencies also provide tourist services. Private tourist bus operators provide more comfortable journey to different routes like Mumbai-Pune and Chennai-Bangalore.

With the entry of private sector in travel industry, the whole transport system has been changed. In private sector different type of buses are available like Volvo, luxury, semi luxury and sleeper. Passengers can choose according to their comfort and budget. Other various luxurious facilities like meal on board, and air condition facilities are also provided to customers on long routes.

Many state governments have also made improvements in their bus travel services. They are also providing luxurious facilities to customers. Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) services have been started by various state governments. Travel to many cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur has become so easy.

The main cities in India which are more famous for their beauty are Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Shimla, Goa, Shirdi, Gangtok, Andaman, and there are many more. These are the busiest routes of India. You can visit these places by using bus services because travel by bus gives a relaxation to passengers. The more famous bus routes are Chennai-Bangalore Bus route, Mumbai-Pune Bus route, and Pune-Goa Bus route.

Chennai Bangalore Bus Service: If you want to travel for Bangalore from Chennai then hiring a Chennai Bangalore Bus service will be a better option for you because it provides safe and luxurious services. If you hire this service then always select with very care. Many tourist companies also provide services for hotel accommodation and meal.

Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore are not only famous for their beauty but these places are more famous for other various reasons like having beautiful beaches. Some of these places have world famous beaches. The massage and Ayurveda treatment on the beaches are also famous. People also enjoy here water activities like swimming and other water games. The beauty of nature of these places also attracts people. Hence every year a large number of people visit these places. Hence if you are planning to go for a holiday’s vacation for these places, always chose bus service for getting comfortable journey.


  1. Well, I did the bus between Mumbai and Pune twice, once on a government coach, the other a private service. Both were satisfactory and I got to see the scenery. My two experiences on the train were at night, between Jaipur and Patiala/Chandigarh...both quite an experience but I saw nothing, really. I must say my most wonderful train rides were in Switzerland.

    1. Nothing like a Swiss rail ride. But great to find out that your bus experience was nice here :)


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