Jet airways is undoubtedly an outperformer [Guest post]

Note: This is a guest post by Mr Arjun Patel.

When you ask people around about their favorite airline, they would probably say ‘Air India’ or ‘Jet Airways.’ These airlines are popular for several reasons. Jet Airways in particular is well known amongst national and international personalities. It is the second largest Indian airline and it is based in Maharashtra.

Jet Airways operates over 400 flights every single day! It sends its airplanes to total 76 destinations across the world. Having its international hub in Belgium, Jet Airways is a trusted brand for Indians as well as foreigners.

This airline is famous for its customer care services. You can simply book your tickets by calling a Jet Airways representative. These representatives are helpful as well as quick. You can also book your tickets instantly on the airline’s website. All you need is an internet connection and you can book your tickets any time. The website is available for people 24/7. Being India’s largest private carrier, this airline has two subsidiaries. JetLite and Jet Airways Konnect are the two subsidiaries of this airline.

Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune are the main focus of this renowned airline. You can simply book an economy or business class ticket according to your budget. You can check out the website for latest offers and interesting amenities that you can get along with your air tickets. You can spend a little more on your tickets if you are going somewhere with your special someone and if you want dazzling wine and cheering champagne on the way.

Food is one of the major reasons why this airline is popular among people. This airline introduces people to a vast variety of cuisines. So, if you have to make your girlfriend feel special on a trip, then take her to your destination through a Jet Airways flight. You can surely pamper her with great food and great hospitality in this flight. This is one of the most creative ways of pampering someone. Just bring her to the flight and let the Jet Airways representatives provide her everything she wants!

So, if you want a national or an international flight then book your tickets online right away! Booking the air tickets online is an easy and simple process. If you find yourself unable to do so, you can simply contact one of those online sales agents to get some help. Make sure you check the authenticity of your agent before you hire him/her for booking the tickets. You must verify the travel portal he is representing. Make sure you compare some agents before you select one.

This airline’s offices are located all over the world! You can contact them in Pakistan, Dubai, Bangladesh, Thailand and even Taiwan. So, book your tickets online and avoid all that leg work that goes into visiting the airline’s office and enquiring about the different flights. Experience a Jet Airways flight and you will definitely come back to find out what more it has in store for you and your loved ones. Have a great flight and a great trip!


  1. I have flown on some absolutely wonderful airlines. I would have to say the best experience I ever had was using miles for business class from San Francisco to Bangkok on Singapore Airlines. They nearly had to drag me off the plan. The service was absolutely superb. A couple of years ago, I did business class ( again using miles ) on KLM to Rome to do a cruise. Again, outstanding..the seats reclined all the way back, foods and wines were outstanding...almost as well on the return trip on Air France coming home. Cathay Pacific, in coach, was my first flight to India when I visited in December 2011 - it's absolutely one of the world's best airlines, in my opinion. I got to stopover in Hong Kong on the way back to San Francisco after my India stay ( usually allowable with any of the carriers at their gateway city ). I've flown Air India, Kingfisher, Go Airways and a couple of the other Indian carriers within India...service was fair, only. I will return to India in June, Virgin Atlantic to Heathrow, then Jet Airways from Heathrow to BOM. I'll be glad to experience Jet for the first time.

    American carriers, sad to say, are, in my opinion, very deficient in terms of customer service. The Asian airlines are the best, I think.

    1. That's quite a lot of information to read beforehand while travelling. You have so much of experience Carmen!

  2. Just to let you know, my international flight, London to Mumbai, on Jet Airways, June 2 - 3, was wonderful. The flight crew was attentive, helpful, good food and service - in a completely full flight. I loved their beautiful uniforms, very Indian and elegant and the crew looked like Bollywood stars. I was impressed - and it takes a lot to impress this old girl.

    1. So nice to know that Carmen. Wishing your stay, roam-around, and return flight also turn out to be equivalently, if not more, enjoyable.


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