"Marathi Manoos" as the locals say. The photograph is of 2 residents of a small village of Maharashtra in their traditional attire. Perhaps the turban and the white head gear represent different ranks.

A few days back, on our return way from Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, these 2 Marathi Manoos were passing by drawing our attention especially with the big pink turban. The camera did the rest of the work. If I'm not wrong, the big turban indicates that he's a shepherd, and the white head gear [called Topi] indicates that he's a farmer. Wonder what they must be chatting — "Do you know we are 2 of the last few left in this world with our traditional jobs? Silly people of the new world are doing something crazy. I mean, don't we love our original raw life?"


  1. Strong old guys

    1. Indeed, Lisa. They easily cross the age of 80. Some are noted to be strong in their physique at the age of 100 too.

  2. The earliest occupations were sheep husbandry and agriculture. Epitomes are captured very nicely. Very good photo.


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