3 cheetahs and a young impala deer - Unusual photographs by Michel Denis-Huot

Note: I received the below unusual photos of 3 cheetahs and an impala deer in an email forward. These are not photographed by me. The copyright and credit of these photos remain with the original photographer[s]. It was mentioned in the email that these photographs have been taken by Michel Denis-Huot.

A young impala deer running for life - photographed by Michel Denis-Huot

2 cheetahs and a young impala deer - Unusual photograph by Michel Denis-Huot

3 cheetahs and a young impala deer - Unusual photograph by Michel Denis-Huot

Cheetahs and a young impala deer - Unusual photograph by Michel Denis-Huot


  1. Those were unusual photos.

  2. I guess the bordering line between enlightenment and ignorance are gradually diminishing in animal world, but thickening in our world. Rare pictures.

  3. Olá

    Lindissimas fotos.

    Pena que estes animais têm vindo a desaparecer pela ganancia do homem em querer as suas peles.


  4. @ madcobug: Really!

    @ cyclopseven: That's a nice excerpt from the whole story behind.

    @ Anonymous: Concordo com você. Vamos esperar que esses animais obtêm a sua verdadeira liberdade.

  5. Olá

    Fui eu que comentei como anonimo pois nâo conseguia comentar com o meu nome.


  6. wow now this is one special shots.

    the cheetahs did not eat the impala. the cheetah licking the impala sure gives the wrong idea though hehe.

    lovely shots. thanks for sharing with us, Bhavesh!

  7. How did the story end? Gorgeous sequence Bavesh!

  8. @ sideny: Não problema. Obrigado por sua visita :)

    @ ladyviral: Oh ya! That's a point! :)

    @ chris: I've no idea! The email forward had only this much story :(

  9. Such interesting photos. I am amazed that the cheetahs allowed the deer to live. They must be pretty well fed!

  10. @ RNSANE: You guessed it right, I believe.

  11. I wonder what happened after this?

  12. @ Anonymous: I too wonder; hope whatever happened was good.


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