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I have a client who is looking for an automated online web hosting solution. After searching a lot and looking with references, I found a great website for comparison. Yes, click on the link above. To top it, the website has a tool that showcases award winning web hosting companies.

I feel, it is a must visit website wherein one can compare different web hosting companies and find out great information to decide which company to go with. There are innumerous parameters that lead to a decision as to which company to choose. What I mean to say is that an X company might have great cost as its winning edge, but it may not have ASP hosting that my client might be looking for, making the X company useless for me.

All in all, after deciding on what one wants, one can opt for a great company backed by great comparison by the linked website.

I hope this is of great information to those who are looking for a real great tool to decide on which hosting company to go with for their personal use, or for their clients.

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