Flowers of coconut, and baby coconut

Close-up of flowers of coconut and baby coconut

Have you seen Carmen's [RNSANE] comment on my previous post on Leaf of a coconut tree? My reply was that I would publish the next post with the flowers of coconut as the coconut were babies when I photographed the leaves of coconut tree with a different perspective. Here it is — a post showing the beauty of flowers of coconut tree. Am I dumb? The flowers are hardly visible. Most of them have turned into baby coconuts. They look so cute and soft as opposed to their grown ones!

Bunches of flowers of coconut and baby coconut

Broad views are also necessary I think!

Flowers of coconut and baby coconut


  1. Bhavesh, I don't think I've ever seen a coconut tree in flower! How lovely it is. How often do they bloom? Every year? It's really pretty. And is there a scent? I suppose I might find out all this when I come to India!! Are the trees cultivated for their coconuts or do they mostly grow wild?

  2. @ RNSANE: The fact is that I too had never seen flowers of coconut, and their tiny ones! So I have no idea how often they bloom. What I guess is their bloom must be year round with the most in the monsoon. There might not be any scent, but it must be sweet in taste as I see some ants on. Of course, if you live curious here, you will find these all bits of information along with much more to know and feel about India. And yes, most of the coconut trees are cultivated in India. Their natural siblings are in the far places like the Andamans, Lakshadweep, etc.

  3. Mother Nature is the greatest miracle worker imbued with endless creativity. This is just another sign, that only life can add life. Great shots.

  4. @ cyclopseven: I wonder how you always get what I want to say with my photography! :)

  5. Well, Bavesh, you are a great source of information. i do suppose, in six months, I might learn a great deal, unless I am so busy fanning myself and trying to stay cool, I can't learn much! You know, though I am a Georgia girl, I never loved the heat!

  6. @ RNSANE: I don't think I am wise enough! And well, there are many out there originating from hot weather, but more comfortable in a cold weather. So don't worry. Also, the time you will be in India will be a cold period. So don't worry.


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