Dedicated Servers, Managed Hosting and Colocation

Well unbelievable, but just when I published my previous post on web hosting information, a new email dropped into my emailbox. So if you are here looking for some more information, which I must clarify, on a particular topic, this post may be of some help to you.

The email that came in has links to a good website that provides services like dedicated servers, managed hosting, colocation, etc. One must have a look at the pages I have linked above. Maybe, it is the right website that you were searching for a long time!

Let me clarify what these things mean…

Dedicated Servers: As the name suggests, unlike shared hosting, the hosting company assigns a dedicated server for your website, making is less vulnerable, and faster in loading.

Managed Hosting: There are different types of dedicated hosting services, one of those types is Managed Hosting. Some other types are self-managed hosting, fully managed hosting, unmanaged hosting, etc., which I think have good names to explain themselves.

Colocation: It is a actually a huge data center that is used by multiple companies to locale their server, network and storage requirement.

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