Painted Stork — Amazing Big Bird

Painted Stork

Painted Stork! What a bird, really! If you have never seen painted storks in life, it is a must watch, especially if you have never been very close to them. An evening with these amazing birds into the wild was one of the best evenings of my life. I recommend it highly to see this great bird at least once in the lifetime. Probably, this post and the photographs will inspire you!

Painted storks silhouette

We had gone to a place named Bhigwan a few days back to see flamingos migrated there like every year. We missed the chance, but were rewarded with another amazing big bird — the Painted Stork.

Painted stork flying downwards

We have done bird photography many a times in the past, but this was the most touching experience, seeing these big birds with their young ones. We actually walked their nesting sites and were thrilled by everything over there. There were innumerous flocks of painted storks everywhere the eyes could see. To top it, the number of their off-springs was more than that of the adults. Birds everywhere!

2 painted storks with a baby

Painted storks are named perfectly. They are like GOD's canvases in a bird's shape. Although, the painting does not involve many colors and great detail, the birds are masterpieces literally. The thoughtfully brushed paints of pink, and the maze of black lines & patches are simple yet exceptionally eye-catching.

Flying painted stork

Painted storks can take anyone's heart away with its beauty and style. I think the photos of painted storks above and following, will pass on some of our painted stork birdwatching experience to you.

2 baby painted storks

Adult painted stork with a baby painted stork

Painted stork in flight

Baby painted stork in nest

Painted stork just landed

Painted stork on a tree

Mother painted stork with 5 young painted storks

Group of painted storks

Painted storks in groups

Flying painted storks in the evening

Painted stork silhouette

Painted stork on a tree top

A distant painted stork in flight

Adult and young painted storks

Painted stork about to land

Painted stork taking off

Young painted stork

4 young painted storks

Painted stork enjoying a flight

Painted stork with bottom view

Painted stork flying up

Flying painted stork with full wings spread out

Standing painted storks in the evening

A group of painted storks at dusk

Painted stork standing alone


  1. I've never seen a stork in real life, let alone a painted one. I have to agree that God did an amazing job on these! Your photos are breathtaking.

  2. Very beautiful pictures. Absolutely gorgeous. You have taken marvellous shot.
    You are welcome at my new post-

  3. Beautiful!! have yet to see one this close!

  4. Very good photography...will return to your blog.

  5. @ Clytie: Welcome here after such a long time! Well, everything god does is a beauty in itself. I'm glad that you liked the photographs :)

    @ Joy: Thank you Joy!

    @ Babli: I'm happy that you liked the photos. Oh yes, I WILL visit your new posts :)

    @ Anu: Give it a try again. You will be delighted believe me.

    @ Bill Dixon: Thank you so much! :) You're very welcome here.

  6. Stunning, stunning photos Bhavesh - and you brought back long-forgotten memories of an evening spent watching Painted Storks somewhere in either India or Nepal(sadly, I can't remember where we were at the time!)

  7. @ Nutty Gnome: Wherever it might be, the experience of being with these amazing big birds is out of this world. I'm glad that I was a reason for your recalling of the great memories of being with the Painted Stork! And I am happy that you liked my photography :)

  8. I don't believe I've ever seen a stork in real life...of course, there are so many stories of them bringing babies to waiting parents.

    What a wonderful photographic opportunity this presented for you. The pictures are just exquisite, Bhavesh. They are asolute perfection, in every pose. The ones of these beautiful birds in flight are so amazing...not a blur at all. You must be so pleased with your collection of painted storks!

  9. @ RNSANE: Even I don't believe you've never seen Painted Stork ever in life! And the story of them being responsible parents is very correct as experienced by us. The photography opportunity was really exceptional. Seeing flocks and groups of Painted Stork all around was an amazing experience. I'm happy that I could take some photographs, and am happier that you liked them :)


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