Photos of a kitten

Have you seen my previous post on Misty forest road? You MUST see it. It's a beautiful outdoor.

That post was on a misty location, and this post is on a mysterious animal. I know — I have never written about a kitten on this blog, but I have to say that I am not able to resist this time. On a morning walk, I saw this cutie little kitten who was sitting on a fencing wall looking at what the other creatures of the world were doing. It was in a great mood, and I did not miss the chance :) I have a nice set of photos of that kitten for you all to enjoy!

Photo of kitten - Yawning

Photo of kitten

Photo of kitten - Found something to eat

Photo of kitten - Angry

Photo of kitten - Just a look

Some time passed, and I kept taking photos of the kitten. Then I moved ahead and touched it. It was super-soft. I lifted it with amazement. That was the time it called. It called for the mother! The momma cat came from nowhere, angry on me, asking "how dare you touch my baby?". I had to put the kitten back on place. The mother gave me a look, and showed care for her baby. The kitten felt safe with her. Do you feel it in the following photo?

Photo of kitten - Safe with mommy


  1. What wonderful photos, Bhavesh. She ( ? ) is delightul and she certainly gave you lots of different faces. I guess Mama was afraid you might fall in love with her too much and take her to the Chhatbar household.

  2. @ RNSANE: You made a perfect guess :) You are too funny!

  3. Beleza de fotos.
    Interessante e admirável o cuidado da mãe com o seu filhote. Hoje eu vi a notícia de uma mãe que abandonou a filha recém-nascida ao relento. A criança quase morreu de hipotermia. Muitas vezes há mais humanidade nos animais chamados irracionais.

  4. @ Sônia Brandão: Isso é muito triste. Mas essa mãe é um verdadeiro ícone :)


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