Moon under clouds

It was the night prior to the lunar eclipse night. We had a plan to take a time-lapse video of the lunar eclipse the next night, but the sky was full of clouds :( Well, taking video of the moon under clouds was rewarding as well. What do you say?


  1. Good idea.. it does look good..

  2. Enthralling...From 0:50 onwards I could see formation of eyes, nose and mouth almost like a human face. Fantastic shadows. If we believe, not a single grass moves without His Will, then I would like to know what prompted you to shoot this video? Nature is damn subtle. Did you notice that? Nature carries the entire mysteries of our survival. Divine.

  3. @ cyclopseven: Yours is one of the best comments I have received from the time I started this blog. Very nicely observed and expressed! You have great imagination power, and the ability to understand the very almighty nature, which most people lack these days.


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