A beautiful road from hills

There are way many locations near Pune than I can think of, that can stun me. Or is it that I find them beautiful and others don't?

There is a beautiful natural setting near the back side of fort Lohgadh near Lonavala hill station. Let me show you how it looks in the below photo. A beautiful road from hills makes a wonderful view over there.

A beautiful road from hills

Seeing the spot in person was way more inspirational, environmentally. We were lucky that we chose to go by a different route while returning from the very beautiful Chaitanyadham.

Hibiscus Mutabilis [AKA Confederate Rose, Cotton Rose Mallow, Changeable Rose Mallow]

What a amazing flower this is. It is a hibiscus. To be precise, the sub-species name is Hibiscus Mutabilis. It is also known as Confederate Rose, Cotton Rose Mallow, Changeable Rose Mallow.

Hibiscus Mutabilis [AKA Confederate Rose, Cotton Rosemallow, Changeable Rosemallow]

Here is a close-up of the Hibiscus Mutabilis. The eyes are getting flooded by its beauty in pink shades.

Close-up of Hibiscus Mutabilis [AKA Confederate Rose, Cotton Rosemallow, Changeable Rosemallow]

I feel so blessed to have so much of life around. Everywhere I see, my eyes get filled with colors of life in different and beautiful forms. It's a great feeling! :)

Radha Krishna

My recent trip to Jaipur was truly cultureful. Is that a word? Cultureful? I don't think so. Whatever! I have expressed what I mean to say :) One of the culturally touching parts was a show where I photographed the very beautiful Radha Krishna in an epic pose. What a beauty! I don't think it is possible for any Indian to see this scene and not have goosebumps.

Radha Krishna

For those who don't know Radha Krishna… In the ancient times Radha Krishna made a great couple. Krishna is a god in Indian mythology who is an incarnation of lord Vishnu. Radha was his love from childhood. The couples of India who look great together are compared with Radha Krishna. It is an eternal love that Radha Krishna shared with each other. It is said that Radha Krishna are still there in Vrindavan, and that their dance at night in Madhuban [forest with honey] is such a bright scene that people who see it get blind! It is a mystery and a great magic.

Do you know that there is an art style named Madhubani? It originates from Bihar. You may like to see some amazing Madhubani art by Megha in the following links…

Free Hand Madhubani Painting
Madhubani Painting: WIP
Color Pencils- Madhubani Painting Completed
Acrylic Painting: Madhubani Sun

Moon under clouds

It was the night prior to the lunar eclipse night. We had a plan to take a time-lapse video of the lunar eclipse the next night, but the sky was full of clouds :( Well, taking video of the moon under clouds was rewarding as well. What do you say?

Bhavesh's Joy at Shivneri

If you remember, a few months back I visited the very beautiful fort of Shivneri. If not, see Multiple Peaks and Leaf Fan.

I'm sharing my personal takes from Shivneri. I hope you will like to see me enjoy the great moments at the great fort :)

Bhavesh at the main gate of Shivneri

Bhavesh climbing up Shivneri

Bhavesh rock climbing

Bhavesh in joy at Shivneri

Bhavesh in a poetic pose

Bhavesh walking at Shivneri


You may like to see One Man Crowd, Bhavesh, Bhavesh in Baur Ghat, Rajasthani turbans

Photos of a kitten

Have you seen my previous post on Misty forest road? You MUST see it. It's a beautiful outdoor.

That post was on a misty location, and this post is on a mysterious animal. I know — I have never written about a kitten on this blog, but I have to say that I am not able to resist this time. On a morning walk, I saw this cutie little kitten who was sitting on a fencing wall looking at what the other creatures of the world were doing. It was in a great mood, and I did not miss the chance :) I have a nice set of photos of that kitten for you all to enjoy!

Photo of kitten - Yawning

Photo of kitten

Photo of kitten - Found something to eat

Photo of kitten - Angry

Photo of kitten - Just a look

Some time passed, and I kept taking photos of the kitten. Then I moved ahead and touched it. It was super-soft. I lifted it with amazement. That was the time it called. It called for the mother! The momma cat came from nowhere, angry on me, asking "how dare you touch my baby?". I had to put the kitten back on place. The mother gave me a look, and showed care for her baby. The kitten felt safe with her. Do you feel it in the following photo?

Photo of kitten - Safe with mommy

Misty forest road

"Oh my!". Be it a lady line, but let me say it. The misty forest road early in the morning in Konkan was breathtakingly beautiful. One has to BE there to actually feel the beauty of it. Do you think that my photography is expressing it?

Misty forest road

See my post named Most powerful power supply. That photograph was taken on this same road.

Here is a zoomed out photo of the misty forest road, which gives a completely natural tunnel feeling. Be there to feel it! When do you want to join us?

Misty forest road - zoomed out

Did you note that the photos have a reddish/orangish/copperly shade? It's of the rising sunlight!

Foot of a tree

In one of my many visits to Baneshwar, sight of a foot of a tree caught my eyes. Maybe, the roots came up by soil erosion, or maybe the tree has that pattern of spreading the roots.

Look closely. Does it look like a leg of a dinosaur or of a huge bird? The creature has pounded the foot on the soil expressing the rulership of the land. It says, "this is my land. Keep away from it!".

Let your mind run on the unicorn to the world of imagination. The first look at the picture must have given you some visual. Now tell me what you see? :)

Foot of a tree

16 Photos of Moon Games

Moon Games

Moon Games - Balloon

Moon Games - Carry

Moon Games - Catch

Moon Games - Clock

Moon Games - Cut

Moon Games - Football

Moon Games - Football Swirl

Moon Games - Frame

Moon Games - Ladder

Moon Games - Lamp

Moon Games - Leg Press

Moon Games - Lift

Moon Games - Measurement

Moon Games - Paint

Moon Games - Snack

Note: I received the above photos of moon games in an email forward. These are not photographed by me. The copyright and credit of these photos remain with the original photographers. It was mentioned in the email that these photographs have been a work of a landscape astro-photographer and astronomy journalist — Laurent Laveder.

Find Something

OK. This time, there is a puzzle for you. I want you to find something in the following photo.

Find Something

Got any clue? Not yet? Look closely. Are you able to find something? Let me zoom in as in the next photo. Now you did. Oh! not even now? Have a keen eye. There's something near the middle of the photo.

Find Something

You got it, yes? It's right there, but not noticeable at the first glance, parked in the middle of nowhere.

Find Something

I took these photographs in the wildlife sanctuary of Mayureshwar. Wonder I took the motorcycle right in the middle of the sanctuary. After parking, when me and Megha climbed uphill to reach a watch tower, we found that our motorcycle was a miniature machine in front of the great landscape. What do you say? How did you like it?

Found It

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