House in heaven

My mood of monsoon is getting high. Have you seen my previous post on Lightning Bolt? See it; you will know why. The soothing breezes mentioned by me in that post have turned into mild showers of rain today. There was lightning also! The climate was so romantic I wished I jump out of the office window, fly to Megha and take her to a long drive on my Pulsar. As I could not do that, I am publishing this post from the past year post monsoon.

Driving back home after visiting the stunningly beautiful Varandha Ghat, a house made me stop the car. Let me express it as a house in heaven. Here is its photo…

House in heaven

The house in heaven had a great view in its farm…

Farm of the house in heaven

There was a small hill behind the house in heaven. The hill had a big tree…

Hill behind the house in heaven

This is the road that lead to the house in heaven…

Road to the house in heaven


  1. Very peaceful. What a beautiful place. Hope you're doing well! :)

  2. That's so beautiful and calm! I'd love a place like this away from the crowds and noise!

  3. @ Cheryl: I'm doing great! How about you Cheryl?

    @ Neha: In fact all the metroites are looking for this change.

  4. It looks so lovely there, especially with all those yellow flowers ( weeds ) in bloom. There are so many scenic areas of India!


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