Wire Tailed Swallow

Last Sunday, we went to Nighoj — said to be Asia's largest river potholes. I will publish some photos from there soon. While we were enjoying our peaceful time sitting on an outstretched stone above the potholes and waterbody, we were lucky to find some wire tailed swallow birds. They are so beautiful that one can sit for hours admiring their charm! Wire tailed swallow have shining ink blue colored body with reddish brown crown and white belly. The tail of wire tailed swallow has 2 wires, which is why they are named wire tailed swallow. The flight of wire tailed swallow is so fast that it is very difficult to photograph them while flying. Most of the photos we can find on the internet are their sitting postures. We tried something that is normally avoided being difficult — photographing the flight of wire tailed swallow, and were successful, but not satisfied. The photo below shows the blasting speed of wire tailed swallow. Doesn't it seem that it is like a rocket?

Wire Tailed Swallow
Wire Tailed Swallow
Wire Tailed Swallow

The tail wires of wire tailed swallow are approximately of the same size as their body! The use must be to have great control while flying, or may be to show off their beauty. Wire tailed swallow birds are insectivorous birds who eat while on the fly! Wire tailed swallow are found in Africa and South Asia along with some tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world. The scientific name of Wire Tailed Swallow is Hirundo Smithii, named after a Norwegian botanist — Professor Chetien Smith who was on a British expedition to the Congo river in 1816 led by James Kingston Tuckey.

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  1. Olá

    Lindas as cores desse passaro.


  2. Swift.

    Yes...at a glance, that looks like a rocket.Another new info for me. Thank you for sharing.

  3. @ sideny: Obrigado!

    @ cyclopseven: My pleasure!

  4. I had never seen or heard of this bird, Bhavesh. I looked it up and, also, saw some other photos of it. Very interesting and, in flight, it certainly does look like a rocket.

  5. @ Anu: Thank you :)

    @ RNSANE: Flying at super speed!


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