Oriental White Eye (Zosterops Palpebrosus)

Have you seen my past post on Oriental White Eye? We had a chance to photograph the Oriental White Eye again when we were in Nighoj enjoying breathtaking views of potholes. An Oriental White Eye was sipping the sweet nectar of flowers with its friend Sunbird. Actually I'm not sure whether it was enjoying the nector or was eating small ants and other insects on the flowers as Oriental White Eye does not have a straw-like beak like the Sunbird. Whatever it may be doing; we were rewarded with a front-facing photograph of Oriental White Eye [scientifically named as Zosterops Palpebrosus]

Oriental White Eye (Zosterops Palpebrosus)
Oriental White Eye (Zosterops Palpebrosus)
Oriental White Eye (Zosterops Palpebrosus)

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  1. Stunning photograph! This bird is beautiful!!! ~Val

  2. @ Miss Val's Creations: Thank you :)

    @ Anu: Thank you :)

  3. Hi! really great capture! is a very nice bird )

  4. @ Dejemonos sorprender: Thank you :)

    @ joo: I'm glad you liked it.

    @ ARIPI DE FLUTURE: Thank you :)

  5. Olá

    Belissima foto.

    Parabéns pelas fotos que publica no seu blog


  6. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I actually want to pet the birdie :(

  7. @ Neha: Plant trees and plants around your place that attract these little oriental white eye. You will be delighted :)


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