Fun Learning Maths

Divide Icon My nephew is seeking calculus help. Does anyone have it? I know I should have remembered my school and college times when calculus was a big topic to be studied and understood. But God only knows how I cleared mathematics papers all the time with things such as calculus, trigonometry, etc. as I never had any interest in learning those topics. Of course, the time has changed and so have I. Now when there is no use of learning those things, I am getting interested in those topics! Weird isn't it?

Minus Icon What I found on the internet is the link above for calculus. There are some other topics discussed and explained on that website such as statistics help and geometry help. The information seems adequate. But there is always a scope to know more. After all, we are living in information era where whatever you know is useful, today or tomorrow.

Plus Icon Mathematics is becoming a fun topic for me! Thanks to my nephew who is persistent :) Actually I was an expert in mathematics when I was up to standard 4. I used to score above 96%. And then came the fifth standard :) I know you all are laughing :) Multiply Icon


  1. I am pathetic at Maths, so I'd better not give you any ideas/suggestions here! All the best :)

  2. Mathematics is a fun really you rock man :)

  3. Modular operations are useful there because you can represent a byte as a polynomial with coefficients that are either 1 or 0. Once you do this, you can take advantage of a lot of nice mathematical properties. Instead of dividing by a number, you can divide by a polynomial and things just work out. Logarithms work in a similar way. math

    1. That's quite an input Warner! Thank you :)


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