Colocation I discovered a new term today — Colocation. It is a bit technical, but let me explain. What is colocation? Colocation is a actually a huge data center that is used by multiple companies to locale their server, network and storage requirement. Why is colocation used? It is used to save costs and reduce complexity.

There are several web hosting companies providing managed hosting and colocation services. I think I will have to spread this idea to my clients. They will be happy to know and implement this idea to save their cost and to become safer. Obviously, only the bigger ones will need such service in my opinion. So my approach will be on a case-to-case basis.

And oh yes, did I mention that there is a difference between a shared hosting service and a colocation hosting service? Actually, the difference is big. Shared hosting service is where many companies host their stuff on a shared server that is prone to vulnerabilities. Companies usually opt for a dedicated server if vulnerability is to be reduced. But purchasing or hiring a dedicated server is a costly affair that needs much maintenance in the due term. Colocation resolves the problems with dedicated hosting as even though the server is owned by the company it is located and maintained by a colocation center. Money saved is money earned.

PS: The photo above has been taken from David Monniaux under Creative Commons Licence. He owns the copyright of the photograph.


  1. Manish Gupta04 January, 2011

    Thanks for sharing this information with us Bhavesh!

  2. @ Manish Gupta: My pleasure Manish!


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