Gold price is Rs. 21000 in India per 10 grams!

2 Drachmas Gold Coin Delhi Bullion has declared today's price of gold per 10 grams [often called as "tola" in India] as a whopping amount of rupees 21000! The prime reason seems to be the upcoming wedding season expected to be the costliest wedding season of India ever in history.

I clearly remember that 3 years back the gold price of 10 grams was only rupees 9000. This proves that gold is the best investment option available in any market. No market has proved the return of 233% in just 3 years. The invested money has more than doubled in such a short span of time. So what are you waiting for? Invest more in gold and get richer faster than any other investment source! Gold prices are always going to increase.

Update: 2010-12-06: One of my friends read this post yesterday, and whoa! What an influence. He bought 2 tolas of gold! I'm so happy for 2 things…
• By this post I added some demand to the market, worth rupees 40000.
• My friend will make money in the coming days that will be higher in return compared to any other investment option. I'm expecting that he will be able to sell those 2 tolas for Rs. 44000 in 6 months, which means 10% increment in 6 months, or 20% in a year!

PS: The photo of 2 drachmas gold coin has been taken from the following URL under creative commons licence. The copyright and credit of the photo remains with the original photographer. The URL is


  1. That looks like a wise old owl. I love the Indian gold jewelry I've seen and, were I still working, I had hoped to buy some beautiful dangly earrings and a tikka like I've seen the Bollywood beauties wear in the films. Now what use do I have for that, you ask? None whatsoever but I love them!!!

  2. @ RNSANE: You're right; some things do not have any use, but we just love those things :)

  3. Thanks for essential information about Gold.Gold is a precious metal and investment in gold is important.
    Gold rates today in india is increasing.

  4. @ Anonymous: Thank you for your comment :)


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