East view terrace

What is the advantage of living in an apartment with east view terrace? I hope it is quite evident in today's photo. The aperture of my eyes did not divide at all when I was in the terrace today morning just at the right time when nature was painting the huge wallpaper with vibrant colors. There were birds chirping and flying around for special effect.

I was mesmerized! Am I able to forward the feeling by today's photo from my east view terrace?

East view terrace
East view terrace
East view terrace

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  1. It's a nice view for sure!

  2. This is mesmerizing, especially the bird flying. A perfect shot!

  3. Really a beautiful view! :)
    Hope you're doing well.

  4. It is a beautiful scene, Bhavesh...a perfect spot for morning coffee or chai but it would be hard to pull oneself away to go to work, I'm afraid!

  5. Olá

    Venho lhe desejar umas boas entradas em 2011.

    beijinhos e tudo de bom

  6. @ Thérèse: I'm happy that you liked it :)

    @ Neha: Thank you Neha!

    @ Cheryl: Thank you! I'm doing great Cheryl!!

    @ RNSANE: You got it so right Carmen! It's very difficult to leave that place and go to work everyday :(

    @ Mitr Friend - Bhushavali: Thank you :)

    @ sideny: Feliz 2011 para você também amigo!

  7. @ Deepak Acharya: Thank you :)


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