Tamhini ghat - Diamonds found in Tamhini ghat

Today's breaking news: A couple roaming in the dreamland area of Tamhini Ghat in the Western Ghats of India found a huge collection of natural diamonds lying everywhere around. Diamond expert Bhavesh mentioned after analysis that these are the purest diamonds ever seen by any human ever! There are new miracles discovered everyday in the Sahyadri mountain range, globally getting recognized as the Western Ghats of India.

Photo showing diamonds of Tamhini ghat…
Diamonds found in Tamhini ghat

It's actually water captured in spider webs!

For some time, perhaps many of you believed in the fake story in the beginning, didn't you? :)


  1. I wanted to ask you for sending me just a little one !!!
    Raindrops or white frost make some beautiful spider webs.

  2. Bhavesh, I hardly recognized you, you've changed your appearance somewhat. My mental picture of you must now readjust.

    You know Bhavesh, in a way, nothing surprises me. The reverse is also true.

  3. @ claude: Sure, I will :)

    @ gaelikaa: Oh! The appearance has changed again, Gaelikaa! I'll be happy to know my past picture in your mind :) How did I look? :)
    Your last line is true for me too!

  4. BONJOUR oui meci je vais bien. Merci de ta visite
    cette photo est superbe génial que de fraicheur chez toi mais pas ici
    Je te souhaite une bonne journée ♠

  5. je suis l'ami de flo et france
    superbe cet effet

  6. This imagines, beautifull! Good bless you!

  7. @ France: Merci pour votre visite de retour, la France:)

    @ Flo: Je suis content que ça vous a plu! :)

    @ Nathan: Bonjour ami de la France et Flo, vous êtes les bienvenus sur mon blog:)

    @ Elena marin-alexe: Thank you :)

  8. Thank you for your visit ! Bye !:o)

  9. Nature's Jewels, especially diamonds, are among the rarest on earth! How remarkable of you to have found and photographed them!

    Now if only we could find a way to put them in a beautiful necklace ... :=}

  10. I first thought it was water drops and thought yes, the purest diamonds! But then your wicked lies sucked me in! Ha!

  11. Ha ha, I was so excited for you!!! I was like, "He's rich now!!! WOW!!!!! I'm going to India and find me some diamonds!!!"

    You joker you!!!

  12. @ Clytie: It's difficult for us to put these water drops in a necklace, but spiders have got PhD in that :)

  13. @ Aripi: :)

    @ Joy: haha :)

    @ Holly: I hope your belief one day comes true, and that day is today :)

  14. Great photograph, Bhavesh! And, gullible soul that I am, I totally believed your story!

  15. You caught my attention with the diamond story.
    But I do love your capture of diamond water droplets.

  16. They sure are diamonds.
    I remember Tamhini..... had been there about five years ago after the rains.
    What a wonderful sight.
    just enjoyed it.

  17. @ RNSANE: I'm so sorry :)

    @ Janie: I'm so happy you liked it :)

    @ Haddock: Cool to fine another person who visited the same place :)

  18. Beautiful photos

  19. Bonjour , à quelques milliers de kms la même photo , sourires
    merci pour ta visite
    bonne journée


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