Carvings on a wall of a palace in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is amazing. Everything is beautiful. One of those amazingly beautiful things was the carvings done on every wall. I mean, every home in Jaisalmer is a palace in itself! You don't believe it? See the below photo to see how beautiful a home's wall can be. It of course is of a palace, still a home of someone :)

Carvings in Jaisalmer
Carvings on a wall of a palace in Jaisalmer

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  1. More extraordinary art! What a feat to have carved this! ~ and then, a little later, beautifully photographed!

  2. @ Joy: Thank you for your nice words :)

  3. This is amazing. What an artist and craftsman to have created this beauty - and an excellent photographer to record it!!!

  4. How beautiful this is. I also looked at the lovely rooms of the hotel advertised on your site - - that would be a nice place to stay a few days if a friend comes
    to visit me when I'm in India. What do you

  5. @ Clytie: Oh! Thanks for the good words :)

    @ RNSANE: Seems good! :)

  6. Amit Damodar Tilak17 September, 2012

    Gorgeous work

    1. Really; hats off to those who have done such amazing carvings!


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