Weekend Fun :: A lady in African open toilet, and a lioness is behind her

Note: I received the below photo in an email forward. It is not photographed by me. The copyright and credit of the photo remains with the original photographer. If you are the original photographer, please let me know; I'll very happily link back to you. And for the poor lady, sorry to post you here in such a position! If you have any objection, let me know, and I will remove this post :)

A lady in African open toilet, and a lioness is behind her


  1. Anonymous27 June, 2010

    But who is the photographer?
    Save the lady or Save the moment? - The priority?

  2. Ack, I never thought about the photographer before! So why is he/she taking a picture of this poor lady in such a private moment anyway??? Too funny!

  3. That's why I wear long dresses when hiking, my friend! No need to be caught in such an undignified, not to say dangerous, position!!!

  4. It is probably a set up... the lion probably knows the people who were there...
    Unless the photographer was trying to save some money on his divorce...

  5. At least she has toilet paper.


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