Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Palm Springs, California, USA

Anyone drug addict? Anyone alcohol addict? Living in California? Looking for a drug or alcohol treatment center nearby? If the answer is yes, read on…

There is a good drug rehab and alcohol rehab center in Palm Springs, California, USA — Axis Residential Treatment Center. It seems from their website that they have many advantages over other similar rehab centers. They are providing pain management, custom-designed recovery programs, personal and group counseling, nutritionally balanced meals, individualized treatment plans, experienced staff, caring approach, etc.

Spread the word to those who need drug treatment or alcohol treatment.

This post is brought to you by your friends at Axis Residential Treatment Center.


  1. Others have written on this lately. I know there is also a program in the Napa Valley which, to me, is much more beautiful than the Palm Springs desert. Seems kind of an odd locale for alcohol treatment - the Napa Valley but it is, indeed, a spectacular setting!!!

  2. @ RNSANE: I agree, Carmen! Napa Valley is more beautiful! I have to visit one day. No no, not the rehab, but Napa Valley :)

  3. That is a good post Bhavesh! Sorry to say that these type of places are really needed the world over... Come visit the USA! You will be among friends!

  4. @ blog with no name: I too feel sorry such places are needed. Sure, I want to visit USA.


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