Odd Buildings

I've not taken any of these pictures, but am just excited to show these to you. I received these pictures on email, from a friend. These are some of the oddest buildings of the world. I do not claim copyright of any of these pictures.

Odd Building 1

Odd Building 2

Odd Building 3

Odd Building 4

Odd Building 5

Odd Building 6

Odd Building 7

Odd Building 8

Odd Building 9

Odd Building 10

Odd Building 11

Odd Building 12

Odd Building 13

Odd Building 14

Odd Building 15


  1. This is a post I wish to watch again & again.
    Thanks for sharing wonders.

  2. That is just super looking buildings. The one that impressed me the most was the one above the huge basket. It sort of looks like icing on a gingerbread house. They are spectacular.

  3. My goodness. Imagine building some of these. That's really something! Thank you for showing them.

  4. Such lovely buildings... the uniquesness of them..
    The 4th picture - the first thing Is aw I thought I saw human grieving and begging for help of course I saw wrong hahaha. These people's mind are creative... one wayt to attract people to your place :).

    Love it!

  5. Some of those are very strange! I like the one with the giant giraffe head.

  6. The first one is from Poland - it's called 'Krzywy domek' which means 'Crooked Little House':) All are amazing but my favourite is the one which looks like books!
    Wonderful post!

  7. These are amazing...a testimony to the creative genius of the human race. Or maybe to the craziness of the human race?

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I wonder if anyone LIVES in these buildings? Some are just VERY peculiar! Here on the island Usedom two Polish guys built an upside down house where they fastened even all the furniture to the ceiling, So when you walk in and look up, you think you are crazy. I love creative minds!

  9. amazing:)i gave you "lepsa"on my blog, you must publish 2 photos: a funny photo and an important photo for you

  10. really crazy and cool!
    Awesome post, congrats!
    Léia :)

  11. This is fantastic. I can't wait to show my son.

    Stop by the respite sometime...I look forward to following you.

    much love

  12. Very good idea of showing us these outstanding houses... when the architects are artists!

  13. Very funny shots, it would be worthy to know in whitch countries the buildings are !

  14. Oh! marvellous buildings with unique designs. Amazing to see the various structure of the buildings and enjoyed it very much.

  15. Great pictures! Picture #1 is my favorite.
    Those yellow houses are our 'Cubic houses' (Kubuswonig) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

  16. These are odd, indeed. You made some great architectural finds!

  17. Definitely worth a second look!

  18. hi bro..
    thanks for visiting my blog and rendering ur feedback..i really appreciate it..hope to c more of ur frequent comments..:)
    i simply loved the canvas of ur blog...u have one more folower now...keep blogging..

  19. Mind boggling buildings! I saw the one called Believe it or Not on a picture but my favorite is the one with the books. I have never seen it before – where is it located, do you know?

  20. Sorry Vagabonde, I don't know :(

  21. Wow! Very Creative!

  22. No words I can't say. Beautiful.
    People are so creatives.. they use their imagination to create the building.


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