I am a crazy person, and I always keep thinking. Today's topic was Gold. What a wonderful element it is, isn't it? Many of us may not know many facts about gold. Do you know the following?

• One of the greatest features of gold is that it's corrosion-less.
• Gold isn't man-made. It's a natural element in the periodic table.
• The atomic number of gold is 79.
• The chemical symbol of gold is Au, derived from it's latin name Aurum.
• Gold is found as grains in rocks!
Gold is the most ductile metal.
• Despite being metal, it's soft at room temperature.
• As mentioned in an article published in NatGeo in January this year, "In all of history, only 161,000 tons of gold have been mined, barely enough to fill two Olympic-size swimming pools."

Do you know any more facts about gold?


  1. interesting facts. I don't have any to add, except I wouldn't mind having some of it.

  2. yeah! In Judeo-Christian tradition, gold is a symbol of God. The Eternal One. Is it any wonder?

  3. Hello Janie,

    Being in Utah, you should have it easily I guess, just roaming around :)

  4. It indeed is a wonder and an interesting fact gaelikaa :)

  5. What I know about gold is that I like wearing it and I do like the jewelry made in Dubai.


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