Does Luck Exist?

Below photograph can be a negative example, but it puts our thought in a confusion whether luck really exists. Is this black buck unlucky compared with those in the wild? Please read the whole article below the photograph. Your view will change.

Black Buck in Cage

Have you ever sat and calculated whether anything like "luck" has ever existed? What are your calculations saying? Be frank in your opinion. I'm sure most of you would say there IS such thing. I too believe it, but sometimes, when I successfully defend that belief, I get to know the truth that finally it's all in our minds. Or is it vice-versa?

Anyway, to explain what I mean to say, let's take the example of the very hyped term "recession". It's all a mind game if you notice the phase of recession. What is it by the way? It is a flow of a group's negative beliefs leading to negative mood of all. When a person's financial growth comes to a stop, or gets into negative zone for any reason, he/she starts spending less to compensate for the reduction in the buying power. If another person or a group sees his/her such behaviour, they feel they too should do something to save money, and to store more for the future. In turn, they too end up reducing the demand. Such groups when affect other groups and people, the reduction in demand increases, which creates a stop or a negation in the market growth in the geographical area affected. Media now comes into the picture, and spreads the negation to the areas that are not even aware of such thing happening somewhere. That leads to a mass reduction in demand, creating and supporting the recession. It turns around when a person starts believing and/or earning differently and the plague is reversed.

Sometimes I feel, luck too is the same thing. When you believe in yourself, and when you are not feared of anything, the things around you start behaving in the way you want them. This is "luck".

I hope, I have affected at least a few people who have read this, and will become positive in their behaviour. Instead of wasting time on cursing something bad that happened to you, we need to look around to find what good has happened. Do you need examples?


  1. I agree with you Bhavesh. Our perception is our reality. We are responsible.

  2. beautiful photo, i also agree with you:)

  3. How true! When you are negative, you attract negative chi! Life is what we make it.

  4. Then what about Karma? I think positive thinking may be a more accurate term as I am not sure if luck really exhist, but to be positive is by sure a much better way to go through this life.


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