What a Wonderful Business!

Have we all ever felt what we want to do if we are allowed to decide what business we will do if there's no restriction or limitation of any type? I have many on list :) But when I visited camelbackdisplays.com, I added one more in the list of my favorite businesses.

They trade in trade show exhibits. Oh! What a long array of display-types they are providing!! From the basic table covers and table top display, to the trade-show booth flooring. They have everything when it comes to exhibition stall preparation. When I will any time participate in any trade show (let's hope soon), I will surely have them as my exhibit display managers. I'll have much to learn from them at that time.

Truly, sky is the limit in this business.


  1. Anonymous30 May, 2009

    Businessman - Who creates demand to sell.

  2. The have a nice site and seem to do wonderful work. :)

  3. Hey that's cool and hope you write more about your plans.

  4. WOW, they have a cool site, thanks for the link, it will surely come handy.


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