2 More Photographs of the Swaminarayan Temple in Dwarka

Gujarat Trip - Part 11

So silly of me to forget the following 2 photographs in my post on Swaminarayan Temple in Dwarka. Dwarka is simply a mindblowing place, and I will continue adding posts on it. Sure, the topic will soon end as I don't have many photographs from there. For now, enjoy these photos…

Swaminarayan Temple in Dwarka - Full View
Swaminarayan Temple in Dwarka - Temple-Tops View

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  1. How humbling it must be to stand next to this work of art! I love the way these photos make me feel. Nice work again Bhavesh!

  2. All our temples are incredible architectures of art. Well shot...Thomas

  3. Now that is great design. And you captured them beautifully.

  4. very beautiful temples and great light , thanks for sharing :)


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