Unique Elephant

Any guesses what is so unique about the mighty elephant I photographed? It's not from any zoo, note it. All your funny, serious, any type of guesses on the below photograph are most welcome :)

Unique Elephant

Gift by Lisa

So generous of Lisa to gift me and my wife soaps handmade by her. Click on her name to visit her profile. Click here to visit her blog. Below is the photograph of her gift to me and my wife.

Thanks again Lisa.

Gift by Lisa Tedesco

Sweet William (Scientific Name: Dianthus Barbatus)

I wasn't aware of this flower until about a year back when my wife gifted its plant to me. Initially, I used to think that this is from China because of it's fine and thin paper-cut look. Later we found that it's known as Sweet William found in southern parts of Europe. And surprisingly, I wasn't completely wrong; its variety is found in China also :) It's scientific name is Dianthus Barbatus.

Enjoy the below 2 photographs of this beautiful flower…

Fully Grown Sweet William Flower in Our Mini Garden
Ultimate Close-Up of Fully Grown Sweet William Flower in Our Mini Garden

Detailed Leaf Structure

Believe me, I didn't take this in any studio. It was a normal day with my camera in my hand. The sunlight was very good, and a leaf on a tree seemed very new and fresh. I thought I would give it a try to see if I can get a good shot. Obviously, you are the judge. Enjoy the photograph below…

Detailed Leaf Structure

Happy Earth Day

Wish you all A Very Happy Earth Day;
let's give our planet the green velvet cover.

Here is my post for the good day…

Usually, people have sunsets photographed with yellow sun and dark-orange sky. As you all must have guessed by now, I'm mad; I photographed the sun like that while it was rising. Enjoy the below photograph that I took on way to Ranjangaon early morning a few days back.

Sunrise Photographed at High Shutter Speed on Way to Ranjangaon

Forehead Stamp

Ever imagined how beautiful it can be to have a sandalwood-made ancient-scripted copper-wire-made stamp on your forehead that proves your authentication for spiritual enlightenment?

If you are in India, the scene in the first photograph is a very common sight around the temples. On my trip to Theur to get the blessings of Lord Ganesh's Chintamani Avtar (one of the 8 avtars called as Ashtavinayak), I was able to photograph this cute boy offering the forehead stamps.

The second photograph shows how it looks after applying :)

Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka

Gujarat Trip - Part 12

Dwarkadheesh is another form of lord Krishna. The temple in the below photograph is the main temple of Dwarka. Almost all the people who visit Dwarka have their main purpose to visit this temple. It's considered a very holy place.

The flag above the temple is very special; it has 52 small individual flags woven on its border, and each individual flag measures 1 yard.

Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka
Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka
Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka

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2 More Photographs of the Swaminarayan Temple in Dwarka

Gujarat Trip - Part 11

So silly of me to forget the following 2 photographs in my post on Swaminarayan Temple in Dwarka. Dwarka is simply a mindblowing place, and I will continue adding posts on it. Sure, the topic will soon end as I don't have many photographs from there. For now, enjoy these photos…

Swaminarayan Temple in Dwarka - Full View
Swaminarayan Temple in Dwarka - Temple-Tops View

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YouTube and China. What is Happening?

I recently heard that China has withdrawn itself from the YouTube access! Browsing through the Internet, I reached this page — You Tube inaccessible to Chinese citizens that is giving a bit of an idea what actually has gone wrong. I am sure Google (the parent company of YouTube) must be very much concerned about this as the largest population nation is taken away from their market.

Why Google must be concerned? Very easy. It's the owner of YouTube, and it has started making money from it. See this article — You Tube and advertising. They have started sponsored listings on YouTube. In Google, we see the text-based sponsored listings. Now we'll see it on YouTube too!

What a complex world of advertising and politics!!

Useful Links…
You Tube inaccessible to Chinese citizens
You Tube and advertising

Peace at Seashore — Early Morning at Dwarka Beach

Gujarat Trip - Part 10

I took the photo in my previous post, and turned to my back. There was a high wall, seemed like a boundary. For our luck, there was a stage built for some program the previous day. It was not removed yet. We climbed up on that stage to see what's behind that wall. We could not believe what we were seeing; it was the endless ocean in front of us with peach colored morning light on the white color of the waves, with just one person sitting on the beach enjoying the glory of the nature. I'm no one to compare that glory with a photograph, but something is better than nothing. Enjoy the below photograph…

Peace at Seashore — Early Morning at Dwarka Beach

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Silhouette of a Temple of Dwarka

Gujarat Trip - Part 9

We didn't have sleep that night due to raw traveling in a passenger train to Dwarka. We reached there early in the morning at around 4. Then was the task of finding accommodation for 8 of us as visit to Dwarka was not in our plan. We went to our community stay facility, but it was full. Then we asked in the Swaminarayan Temple. Thankfully, it was available. But wonder what, the rooms were worse than dustbins. We changed rooms thrice, but the situation didn't turn out to be good. So we just dumped our bags and headed out after a so-called bath. Well, as we always say, all turns out good if we want it to be good — I got this beautiful silhouette due to the location we were at…

Silhouette of the Swaminarayan Temple of Dwarka

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Swaminarayan Temple in Dwarka

Gujarat Trip - Part 8

Swaminarayan Temple in Dwarka

Place: Dwarka
Date: 2009-02-17
Time: 07:16

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