Kaushalya Mata (Vindhyeshwari Mata)

Gujarat Trip - Part 5

India is a country of GODs and GODDESSes. Here, every family has a Kuldevta (Ancestry GOD) and a Kuldevi (Ancestry GODDESS). The family believes in them and prays them regularly. Most of the times, because of families settling in different parts of India or out of the country due to profession or other causes, they are away from the temples of their Kuldevta and Kuldevi. That is the case with our family too. Our Kuldevta's and Kuldevi's temples are about a thousand kilometers away from our residence, at different places. Our Kuldevta's temple is in Nathdwara, and our Kuldevi's temple is in Jamnagar. Our Kuldevta is Shreenathji, and our Kuldevi is Kaushalya Mata (also called Vindhyeshwari Mata).

For my marriage, my mother had promised our Kuldevta and Kuldevi that me and my wife will visit their temples to pray for our good married life. It's a ritual followed by almost every Indian family. We got the chance of visiting the temple of Shreenathji just within one month of our marriage, but it was not making up that quick for visiting the temple of Kaushalya Mata. Finally, we planned it, and you know, our Gujarat Trip that I am posting on for the last 4-5 weeks, was meant for taking the bright glimpse of the GODDESS of our Kul (ancestry). It really feels so good when she grants you a view of the majestic, blessing and peaceful she. I have posted the photographs below…

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  1. Perfect. Both your words and images. Very much impressed with your first line.

  2. Friend,
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  3. interesting, beautiful photos.

  4. very colorful photos!

  5. It is always a delight to read about the culture and practices of another country and backed up with beautiful photos. Most enjoyed Bhavesh.

  6. This is beautiful! The fabric on the wall and those hanging silvery items are just gorgeous!

  7. hi, and thanks for your support! today I was playing with a link from a friend's site: http://www.copyscape.com/ . And what do you guess?! I found my page copied! And not only mine! I checked other titles using google and found some other people whose work has been stollen! I warned some of them - I am waiting for reactions now... Best wishes, L.

  8. Great photos, thanks for stopping by my blog

  9. I'm loving this series. These are so colorful.

  10. Beautiful, rich, glowing series. And so complex! Thank you for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday:) And sorry I am so late getting back to you.

    1. No worries on the late note. Your visit and comment is the most important :) I am glad you like the photo :)


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