Old Pune

Ever wondered how Pune was in the past? Believe me, it must be a heaven. Here are some of the photographs that I found on the internet…

Early Sassoon Hospital in Old Pune

Khadakwasla Dam in Old Pune (Perhaps Called Karakwasla Waterwork for Poona at that time). If the photograph was taken before the 1961 break of wall, you are looking at a wall that has become a history now — one of the rarest things you get to see.

The Bund Bridge in Old Pune on Mula-Mutha River

The Government House in Old Pune (The University Building Now)

The Grand Stand and Race Course in Old Pune

The Temple of Vishnu at Parvati in Old Pune


  1. Very nice......................!!! I am crazy to see this. Wonderful Collection and information.
    Thanks Bhavesh!

  2. Bhavesh, I wish i could be present at that time to see this beauty...but...!!

  3. It would be interesting if you had or took a picture of the same place nowadays to draw a parallel between those two times.

  4. Great idea Thérèse. I will do it at the earliest I can!

  5. Hi Bhavesh,
    happened to see these old photos.
    I went to Bishop's School in the sixties, when the old Poona could still be seen.
    When I visited again I bought myself the book by Sumita Gupta: Glimpses of Pune's Heritage, which you might know.
    One can read a lot about the oppression under The Raj, but to get an idea of what it must have felt like for the British, read Pauk Scott's The Raj Quartet.
    Keep researching.

  6. Anonymous27 July, 2009

    hey man...these are really good pics...Old Poona N now Pune Looks so good..

  7. Old Poona!!
    We were students in Poona those days, the city with a million bicycles and a heart of gold. The city ended at Swar Gate in the south and Bund garden at the other side, DG on the west and the picture perfect Cantt on the east.
    Hope someone can post pics of East Street and MG Road...

  8. very nice....
    aapan rahato tya shaharacha bhootkal kalayla kahi pramanat tari madat hoel

  9. wow amazing. great work


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