Winter Chill? Where is it?

Pune, as you might know, has quite chilling winters every year. This year, quite unsurprisingly, it is not as cool. Unsurprisingly because we all feel the world temperature is rising. Yesterday, the minimum temperature, as per the most popular daily local newspaper — Sakal, was 8.7 degrees Celsius (47.66 degrees Fahrenheit). Current temperature, while I'm writing this post, is 12 degrees Celsius (53.6 degrees Fahrenheit), as per It's almost the end of December, but I personally did not feel the chill as much yet. I don't feel the need of wearing a sweater [ I never used to wear anyway :) ]. Well, let's see what happens ahead.

FYI, the lowest temperature ever recorded in Pune was teeth chattering 1.7 degrees Celsius! i.e. 35.06 degrees Fahrenheit. It was recorded on 17th January 1935. Good piece of INFORMATION ha :)


  1. you're right man there's no good seasonal thing this time...

  2. I too am from Pune. I support your post Bhavesh. I haven't seen people buying warmers, sweaters, etc. this winter.

  3. Hi Bhavesh, I am studying in Pune and I think due to global warming all seasons are delayed. What to say....Its all becoz of us.


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