Beehive [Executive Wing of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings] of Wellington

The beautiful Beehive building of Wellington [New Zealand] - unobstructed view

Streetview of the Beehive building of Wellington [New Zealand]

Signboard giving details about the guided tours of the Parliament buildings of New Zealand, in Wellington

Closeup view of the Executive Wing [known as Beehive] of the parliament buildings of New Zealand

Bowen House, Beehive, and Parliament buildings in Wellington [New Zealand]

A beautiful view of the Beehive building in Wellington [NZ]


  1. ...beehive, what an appropriate name. I like it, but I really enjoy the classic building to the right in photo number 5. Thanks Bhavesh for stopping by , I hope to see you again.

    1. I too like that building. Somehow, old buildings have a unique charm that no modern building can match!

      I'll surely visit again 😊

  2. Lovely
    . Keep commenting in my blog because I love your comments.

  3. Unusual structure yet attractive


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