Beautiful Panorama HDR Photos taken on Tamhini Ghat Trek

Beautiful Panorama HDR Photo taken on Tamhini Ghat Trek

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Tamhini Ghat Trek is one of the popular treks, hiked mostly in the monsoon season because of the special spiritual+happy+peaceful feeling the views offer. The photos are self-speaking I guess. But if you do visit personally, you will realize what I want to say.

Beautiful Panorama HDR Photo with Spectators, taken on Tamhini Ghat Trek

I have experimented a photography idea here. I have taken panoramas with high dynamic range [HDR]. This was the first time I was doing such photography, the idea of which actually suddenly striked me while taking casual photos. I have taken HDR photos in the past, but not as panoramas. Hope you will like :)


  1. Beautiful indeed!
    Thanks for linking up at

    1. Thank you Susan!

      My pleasure linking the photos up with your beautiful linky list :)

  2. mind blowing sneps by one of the best frind ever

    1. Thank you so much Anoop, for both the compliments. Our childhood friendship was indeed awesome :) Hope to meet you again some day.


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