Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Hatchlings on their way to the Arabian Sea

Olive Ridley Hatchling

2 baby Olive Ridley sea turtles running to catch the waves of the vast Arabian Sea

2 newborn Olive Ridley sea turtles taking their first steps to the Arabian Sea

Footprints of the Olive Ridley sea turtle hatchlings

Long way to go babies - 2 birth-neighbor Olive Ridley sea turtles pushing their limits to reach the Arabian Sea

Newborn Olive Ridley sea turtle taking baby-steps

Newborn Olive Ridley sea turtle

Olive Ridley sea turtle baby crawling towards the Arabian sea

On way to the Arabian Sea. Here you go baby turtle! Just a few more steps…

Tiny steps of the baby Olive Ridley sea turtle

Your first steps towards the sea will take you long way!

Your legs will be your paddles for lifetime!

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