Wall Paintings

Wall painting of 3 women

Wall paintings of traditional parts of India come as common sights. Although common to be found, the paintings are exquisite, and depict the essence of the lifestyle of that location. Most wall paintings are of deities and of wedding processions. If you find something else, that is uncommon!

Wall painting of Ganpati

India is scattered and mismanaged, but out of this world when it comes to art, and to be precise in this post, to wall paintings. Seeing these in person are truly awe-inspiring.

Dome painting

Some wall paintings can take the viewers' breath away, with the vivid colors, basic-yet-neat details, and their symbolic method of art, like the first one in this photo. Here is a collection of some of the paintings that I photographed in my last year's trip to Rajasthan. Most of the wall paintings are from Udaipur.

Embossed painting of a flower

Embossed wall painting of peacock

Wall painting of a dasi [maidservant]

Wall painting of a galloping horse

Wall painting of a mahout [महावत]

Wall painting of a tiger and a guard

Wall painting of an elephant [close-up]

Wall painting of an elephant

Wall painting of doli

Wall painting of elephant

Wall painting of Goddess Lakshmi

Wall painting of Lord Ganesha

Wall painting of Radha-Krishna

Wall painting of Shiv and Parvati

Wall painting of Shiv-Parvati

Wall painting of Shreenathji [close-up]

Wall painting of Shreenathji


  1. That's a LOT of beautiful, colorful art, Bhavesh!!!

  2. Lovely and very colorful! Have they been restored or are the fairly new?

    1. These are mixed; some are restored, and some are new. But all are extremely artistic wall paintings! :)

  3. So intricate, colorful and creative wall paintings and very symbolic ~ thanks,

    artmusedog and carol

  4. These are spectacular, Bhavesh...but my most favorite are the ones of Ganesha. They remind me of Megha's beautiful works of art.

    I can't believe I lived five months in Jaipur and never made it to Udaipur!

    1. Thank you Carmen! And my favorites too are Ganesha and elephants. I too was thinking about Megha's amazing paintings while photographing these arts. She's just so creative!

      And I too don't believe you didn't make it to Udaipur living in Jaipur for such a long time. Ensure to tick it when you come again in India :)

    2. I am returning to India July 25...only for four months this trip. I'll probably be mainly in Mumbai but, of course, I'll visit Jaipur and I am determined to see Udaipur and some other parts of Rajasthan.

    3. Mumbai will be drenched in rain at that time.

      Have a good tour of Rajasthan then. It's a good time to tour the region.


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