Salon on an Indian street

Salon on an Indian street

Most of you might not be aware that dirty and dusty Indian streets can offer such unimaginable photographic opportunities. One such wonder is salons on street. It is common for people to have a haircut or a shave at such temporary setup. And they are super-cheap! Developed countries' citizens' one time expense at their salon will cover dozens of visits at a salon on an Indian street!

It was only about 2 seconds between which the following sequence of events happened resulting in such amazing photograph:
• I was pillion on a motorcycle driving in an industrial area of Ahmedabad
• I saw people on footpath
• Noticed a shade
• Tried to figure out what underneath was
• Saw a salon under!
• Controlled my exclaim
• Concentrated on taking a nice photograph from the moving vehicle
• Released the shutter
• Tada!

Wo! Gave the photo a nice painting-like effect after undarkening the salon activity under the shade, and here you are enjoying something really unique and different — a salon on street!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. Love the way your photo turned out with the processing. Reminds me of when times were more simple here in the USA. :)

    Visiting from Texture Tuesday.


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