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Food Panda Foodpanda, a relatively new, German based venture provides the service of order and delivery of food and beverages. Foodpanda is an up-and-coming website that works by delivering food and drinks from a wide range of available partner restaurants such as Kebab Xpress, Subway, Pizza Hut, to name the few. Foodpanda is now present in 11 cities in India, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. and 28 countries worldwide.

If one has a busy schedule or the job doesn’t allow enough time to cook or go out to eat, Foodpanda provides the best alternative; all one has to do is go on the website: select the current location and look through the available restaurants in the area. Next, select the restaurant of choice and choose all the dishes and beverages wanted, including toppings and desert. Further, proceed to checkout the order and after entering the delivery details, all one would have to do is await the delivery of their favorite dish by Foodpanda.

If one is also on the go, Foodpanda also has a smartphone app for Android and Apple. The app follows a similar procedure, and one can have their favorite dish delivered to the current location hassle free.


  1. I will check it out...though we mainly order our favorite dishes from Mr. Chow and a really nice Japanese restaurant just down the street.


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