Black Cobra Snake of India

Black Cobra Snake of India

Unexpecting, we spotted a black cobra snake when exploring the historic Chittorgarh. The Johar Sthal [the place where queens used to suicide when fort was captured by Mughals or other enemies] has been filled in now, and is topped by good grass. The poor black cobra snake was wandering around on that grass perhaps unaware initially that people have seen it and are running away from it. I was lucky to catch the attention of the people spotting the snake as a great photographic opportunity. The result is these photographs.

Black Cobra Snake of India

I am not a snake expert, and was unaware that the snake I was running behind to have good pictures of was a cobra snake [extremely venomous]. When I spotted the snake, it was running away from people. I went a few meters ahead of the snake running beside it to get good snake portraits :)

Black Cobra Snake of India

Getting down on the grass, the black cobra snake and me were face to face. After taking a few photographs of the black beauty, I realized that the distance between me and the snake was very less. That was the time I decided to get up on my feet and step back. Just when I got up, the snake too took its head way up from the ground bouncing back and showing me its hood. Seeing the hood, I realized that the snake I was taking photographs of just a few seconds back was actually a black cobra. I was happy with the photographs, and then I was happier :) Thank you dear black cobra to allow me to take such impressive glimpses.

Black Cobra Snake of India

Black Cobra Snake of India


  1. Yes, and thank you dear black cobra,for not taking a bite out of my dear friend, Hhavesh - who, sometimes, takes too many risks for a good picture. A god or, maybe, several, must have been watching out for you, especially prone in the grass. Great shots!

    1. Thank you for your nice thoughts, Carmen! As you guessed, the universe is there to take care of everything, so I never worry :)

  2. The 3rd photo :

    A long tradition
    of shedding and changing skins,
    shiny smooth
    with oily looks,
    they glide,
    sometimes inobtrusively
    through the
    thick and thin
    of the populace
    of the land.

    Most folks
    keep away from them,
    some folks watch from a distance,
    with no aim or ambition,
    just float around
    right into their clutches.

    To be crushed
    or to be
    and thrown by the side,
    suitably poisoned
    in the mind.....

    1. That is heart-touching. I am sure most of the people of the world will not understand the meaning.

  3. I shall remain conquered for now:). Great shot.

  4. Wooowww! I am impressed by his courage...

    Hello, my friend. How are you? I am fine, thank God.

    I am returning to tasks a little.

    I hope you are well.


    1. Thank you Elaine.

      I am good; thank you. Hope you are good too!


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