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Out of many of the "how" things, I always used to wonder how the hotels of the world arrange for such great stuff that is difficult to find in the market, and set-up so properly at the disposal of the guests. Just found out a great website that not only resolved this "how", but also shows an add-on: they can provide hotel supply online.

If you are in Atlanta, then there is another advantage as the company is located in Atlanta. So Atlanta hotel supply is extra easy. They even have hotel bar supplies.

The bamboo stall shown on their home page looks so awesome. I have taken a snapshot [see above] from their home page. From appliances to guest rooms, to house keeping, linens, lobby area, outdoor area, to paper; you name it and they have the supply for every area of your hotel. PeachSuite Hotel Supply is simply impressive.


  1. Did you know I am a "Georgia Peach" - originally from Columbus, GA - my brother lives in the Atlanta area! I consider myself a San Franciscan, though, after 35 years in the Bay area. Never heard of Atlanta hotel supply.

    1. That is great to find out Carmen! That conversion must have been difficult, but nice.


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