19 best truck slogans in India - truck quotes in India

Truck slogans in India

Our drives between Jaipur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Haldighati, Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh had much of time to pass. The best way was to photograph the trucks ahead. India is a popular place for truck slogans / truck quotes. People write amazing things behind their trucks. Some are wacky, some naughty, some heart-touching, some inspirational, some literal quotes. Here I present you with the 19 best photographs of truck slogans in India from my collection of the trip with their titles and explanations.

The first photo above has a typical Indian truck slogan that says "Samay se pehle bhagya se zyada kabhi nahi milta", which means that we never get anything before time and it will never be more than what is in our luck. It also mentions typical Indian truck lines — speed 40 kilometers per hour, use dipper at night, wait for side, all India permit, horn please, etc.

NP in the following truck slogan photo is National Permit. The white text with blue extrude and then blue text is Mirza Motors. The red text is "Mehboob" meaning "Lover".
Back of the truck with

In the following truck slogan photo, fatta box means toolbox. The text in Hindi under the lock is "maa kaa aashirwaad" meaning "blessing of mother". The black text on the bumper rod says "Jaha ala vaha sala. Buri nazar vale tera muh kala.". I have no idea about the first sentence that says something about brother-in-law. The second sentence says "Your face is black if you have an evil eye."
Fatta box - Use dipper at night - Mother's blessings - Truck slogans in India

The following Indian truck slogan is just too much. The Hindi words "Has mat pagli pyaar ho jaaega" mean "Don't smile baby. I will fall in love with you.".
Has mat pagli pyar ho jayega - Don't smile baby, I will fall in love with you - Truck slogans in India

Just a general truck again running on the Indian roads
Horn please - OK - Tata - Truck slogans in India

"Mitra nu shonk hathyaran da" in the next photo means "I am fond of weapons". Some other slogans on the truck say "Use dipper at night", "Mast baba", "Blow horn", etc.
Mitra nu shonk hathyaran da - Truck slogans in India

The unreadable blue sentence on the below truck says "Shauk nahi madam majburi hai, 1081 chalana zaruri hai." meaning "It is not my hobby madam; driving 1081 is my necessity". 1081 is the truck number.
Situation of the driver written as a truck slogan in India

The next photo of truck slogans in India shows a small plate below "Bishnoi" that says "Shama dhal gai, lali chha gai. Dekho Birbal seth tumhaari gaadi aa gai". It translates, "The lamp is dimmed, the atmosphere is orangish. Look lord Birbal your truck has arrived.". The meaning probably is that it is late evening, and I, the driver, have brought your truck my lord Birbal.

There are other typical slogans on this Indian truck like "Horn please", "Speed 40 KMPH", "Wait for side", "Use dipper at night", "AIP" / "All India Permit", etc. There are a few names written in Hindi language — Ashok, Kavita, Pooja, Jitendra, Devilal, Rupesh.

Bishnoi is a caste name.
Slogans and names on an all India permit truck

Perhaps the best perception of the world is written on the next truck photo — "Vishwaas vaham hai, sachchaai jooth hai.", which means, "Trust is hallucination, truth is false". It also says "Maa kaa aashirwaad" — "Blessings of mother".
Truck slogan in India saying that trust is hallucination and truth is false

"Aaye din bahaar ke" slogan in pink-red color written on the next truck photo means "Spring has arrived". It also mentions the truck owner's or truck driver's name — Raju banna [see red text above the bumper rod]. The truck slogan combines some typical lines like "Blow horn", "Wait for side", etc.
Truck slogans in India - Aaye din bahar ke - Spring has arrived - Raju banna

This one is a typical truck on the Indian roads with typical slogans / quotes / text like "Blow horn", "Use dipper at night", "OK", etc.
Truck slogans in India -

This one is just another truck on the Indian roads.
Truck slogans in India - Blow horn - Jaat trailer Sarmaliya

The red text above the bumper in the next Indian truck slogan photo is "Maa kaa aashirwad". Oh you guessed the meaning right — "Blessings of mother".
Truck slogans in India -

One more typical truck slogan in India — "Buri nazar wale tera muh kala" meaning "Your face is black if you have an evil eye". The text above that is mostly wiped off is "Soch kar socho saath kyaa jaaega". The meaning is "Give a thought to the thought, what you will take along when you will die"
Truck slogans in India - Buri nazar wale tera muh kala

I think I can leave the rest of the best truck slogans in India for you to just see and enjoy.

Truck slogans in India - Danger - Sulphuric acid - Keep 10 feet away from truck

Truck slogans in India - Keep distance - Use dipper at night - Mother's blessings

Truck slogans in India - Maa - Wait for side - Chandni - Stop

Truck slogans in India - Mother's blessings - Pierced heart of Raj and Anjali

Truck slogans in India - Tamanna express

Bracket fungi / Shelf fungi / Bracket mushrooms / Shelf mushrooms photographed in the Western Ghats

Bracket fungi / Shelf fungi / Bracket mushrooms / Shelf mushrooms photographed in the Western Ghats

Bracket fungi / Shelf fungi / Bracket mushrooms / Shelf mushrooms photographed on a bark in the Western Ghats

Bracket fungus / Shelf fungus / Bracket mushroom / Shelf mushroom photographed in the Western Ghats

Shelf fungi / Bracket fungi / Shelf mushrooms / Bracket mushrooms photographed in the Western Ghats

Shelf fungus / Bracket fungus / Shelf mushroom / Bracket mushroom photographed in the Western Ghats

Affordable and reliable dial-up internet service provider

Affordable and reliable dial-up internet service provider Gone are the days when we used to dial the phone line to connect to the Internet. But wait, those days are not completely gone yet. Well, the billing method has something new.

In those old days, we used to pay per minute no matter whether their connection was really working for us to surf the Internet. I have found a company who bills a fixed amount for unlimited dial-up Internet access.

This company has internet service by DSL mode too. Check it out.

Note: The above image has been taken from the company's website's header section.

Amber Fort at night [also called Amer Fort]

Amber Fort at night [also called Amer Fort]

Perhaps "Amer Fort" must be the original name of this beautiful creation as the name sounds relative to the local language — Marwari. And maybe, "Amber Fort" sounds more interesting to the international market. Rajasthan is an international tourist destination, and Amber Fort is one of the highlights.

Amber Fort at night [also called Amer Fort] with reflection in water

One evening, we casually decided to see the lightened up view of the fort. And here are the photos in this post that we got as a reward for our casual visit to the Amber Fort.

Close-up of Amber Fort by night [also called Amer Fort]

Durga mata

Durga mata

Health and fitness

Health and Fitness Network

Very new terms heard of lately: MedGem, BodyGem, MedGem mouthpieces.

MedGem is actually a device capable of quickly measuring the accurate resting metabolic rate [RMR] of a person, along with oxygen consumption [termed VO2]. Wonder that MedGem calculates a person's metabolism in just a few minutes, determining the person's body's internal efficiency helping the person's consultant understand her/his nutritional treatment requirements for weight loss, weight gain, fitness management, etc.

BodyGem is a MedGem device created by HealtheTech that measures RMR and the number of calories a person's body burns each day at rest. BodyGem assists understand one's unique metabolism and monitor changes, giving ultimate control in managing nutrition, weight and fitness in general.

The mouthpieces are literally filters in mouthpiece format that make it easy for a person to maintain a tight seal while allowing her/him to relax and swallow easily while during the measurement.

Beautiful rainbow in Jaipur

Beautiful rainbow in Jaipur

Although beautiful, it could have been one of the most beautiful rainbows; so silly of me that I did not think of choosing the terrace as the photographic location for this beautiful rainbow. It was a full rainbow that I photographed as a half rainbow from the balcony!

Hair Transplant, Botox, Liposuction, etc. in Philadelphia

The Hughes Center for Hair Transplant, Botox, Liposuction, etc.

Have come up with a new search this day — it is about Hair Transplant, Botox, Liposuction, etc. After hearing a lot about how celebrities keep up their looks and charm even in their 50s, many things have come to my knowledge out of which Botox is a term that I had only heard of.

There are different giants playing in cosmetic surgeries, med-spa services, etc. and most of them must be heavily expensive. Maybe, getting things done from the small players makes more sense if you want to save money, but of course, the risk increases in that case. You may lose the beauty you already possess!

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Photo painting of a door at Jaisalmer

Photo painting of a door at Jaisalmer

What a beautiful door it is. I still remember it in my eyes. I could not resist but take a neat photo of the door that has the grace from the time gone by.

Just like my select photos, this too is available as a premium photo painting that you can use to beautify your wall. Simply click Premium Photo Painting of a Door in Jaisalmer or visit chaukhat.com

Dog next door

Dog next door

Online supplier for hotels

Snapshot from the home page of peachsuite.com

Out of many of the "how" things, I always used to wonder how the hotels of the world arrange for such great stuff that is difficult to find in the market, and set-up so properly at the disposal of the guests. Just found out a great website that not only resolved this "how", but also shows an add-on: they can provide hotel supply online.

If you are in Atlanta, then there is another advantage as the company is located in Atlanta. So Atlanta hotel supply is extra easy. They even have hotel bar supplies.

The bamboo stall shown on their home page looks so awesome. I have taken a snapshot [see above] from their home page. From appliances to guest rooms, to house keeping, linens, lobby area, outdoor area, to paper; you name it and they have the supply for every area of your hotel. PeachSuite Hotel Supply is simply impressive.

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