Gold IRA

2 Drachmas Gold Coin I was analyzing the best methods for generating the best ROIs today. As I have always believed, gold turned out to be the best investment. In the last 3 years, gold price has increased from rupees 900 per gram to rupees 2100 per gram. Which method do you believe is better rewarding than this? Where and in which investment in this highly competitive world do you receive 233% return on investment in just 3 years?

Some statistics have shown that if someone had invested an amount of 10000 in gold coins in the year 1971, its price today will be around 550902 that is 55 times or 5500%. If one would have invested in fixed deposits, assuming the average rate of interest every year to be 8%, the amount after 40 years from 1971 will be 217245, which is not even half the ROI compared with gold.

Now-a-days, it has become a trend to earn even more from gold, in the way of gold IRA. There is another terminology named gold 401k also. The idea of gold IRA transfer is a good one. What do you say?

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  1. Thanks for sharing information.

  2. It has become an awareness to those who are concerned about securing their future that investing funds into a gold IRA account is something to consider. Precious metals are still the most stable form of currency and the value has increased ridiculously. More people are taking action ever since the financial crisis of 2009.

    1. Precious metals are going to remain precious always due to their lack of availability. The prices are going to increase, always.

    2. Plain and simple; you are absolutely right. While we put a price on it that determines its worth, the real value is in what we can use it for.


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