Thoughts of the Season [Poetry by Carmen Henesy]

Have you visited Carmen Henesy's blog? The name of her blog is Carmen's Chronicles. She is an amazing poet with very creative thoughts.

Recently, she composed a very touching poem; Thoughts of the Season. I'm proudly sharing it with you all in this post. The meaning is so beautiful, which can come from a pure soul's mind only. Tell me your thoughts on this poem. And do not forget to check her book — Life's Journey.

Thoughts of the Season

Far from the hills of Afghanistan,
Guns sound on American streets,
An innocent teen falls to the ground,
As his heart pumps its final few beats.

A mother pauses in cooking a meal,
In a home full of bright Christmas cheer,
As uniformed officers solemnly tell,
News she never thought she would hear.

So many go hungry all over the world,
They don’t have a feeling of joy,
No stockings are filled with wondrous treats,
For a good little girl or a boy.

In this season of love, goodwill to all men,
Terrorism is something we dread,
Why can’t we all aim for world peace,
And learn to negotiate instead.

We are all brothers, perhaps different colors,
Who share the holy seasons on earth,
May we join in our blessings, look into our hearts,
And see the value of each human’s worth.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright © Carmen Henesy
December 14, 2010

You are the best Carmen!


  1. Her poem gave me goosebumps. We are all part of the human race - why can't people realize that?

  2. Sad poem, and the truth is its real.

    Bhavesh I want to wish you happy holiday season. Let it be filled with peace and love. Also good health, and happiness. Hope next year will be good one for you. Thank you always for nice comments and visits, they are always appreciated. Anna :)

  3. My dear Bhavesh,
    I am deeply honored by your kind words and that you asked to publish my poem on your blog. It means a good deal to me that a fellow blogger and one from India, the country of my heart, would appreciate my poetry in such a way. Hopefully, one day we will have the opportunity to meet in person. I wish you all the best this holiday season and always. Carmen

  4. This is indeed a wonderful and meaningful poem.

  5. @ Clytie: I wish people will understand very soon!

    @ Anna: Hmm, sad but true. And yes, Happy Holidays to you too! I wish great health, prosperity and peace of mind for you :) Your blogs are extraordinary, and I love them.

  6. @ RNSANE: Sure we will meet soon Carmen! Your poems are amazing, really!! Happy holidays to you too :)

    @ cyclopseven: Indeed :)


    Check this out, Bhavesh

  8. These words are awesome and beautiful !! I loved this so much !!Great post !! Bhavesh Ji you did a great job by sharing it with all of us.

  9. @ RNSANE: That's wonderful!

    @ Unseen Rajasthan: It's my pleasure :)


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