Suggestions for gift please

Girl in blue jeans and pink top with jacket Well, this post is very different in a way because in most of my posts, I show something, but in this post I am asking for something — your guidance. My friend is getting confused what to buy for her "probable" girlfriend. He wants to gift some cool dress to her, but is not able to decide on anything. I knew a good website. So I suggested him to check some yoga outfits, jeans for girls, trendy tops, etc. and to look inside that website for more options. There are quite many options over there to choose from.

My personal liking was winter clothing for her. But it was not what was in his mind. So I looked up for something more, even asked Megha to help. She suggested stylish blazers for girls. I showed it to him, and viola! He liked it. I think he will go with it.

What do you think? What should he buy? What are the latest trends? What is it that the girl of today will like the most? Add your valuable contributions. It will help my poor friend to impress her. Of course, he himself is quite smart enough to impress her. But some cool dress will be cherry on ice.

PS: The photo above is taken from the following URL under creative commons license.


  1. A tricky decision. Success will depend part on luck, and pat on how well he knows her. No advice, but lots of good wishes!

  2. If he really wants her to fall in love with his gift, maybe he should present her with a beautiful accessory (scarf, purse, jewelry, etc.), and a gift card to buy the matching outfit?

  3. @ hot girl: Thank you :)

    @ Joy: Perfect one from you. Very correct.

    @ Clytie: I like this idea. I will tell him. This must work :)

  4. It's difficult; but I would go with Clytie. Nothing like a good accessory, but you need to know the girl's taste well before making a plunge. And put together a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates and if possible, a nice card...the hamper is ready :)

  5. @ Neha: Now probably this one is the best for an Indian girl. He must decide now :)


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