Tribal lady with her child in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

We were into the palace of Patwas in Jaisalmer, enjoying the fine art of the palaces. There was this lady seemingly making her living by allowing visitors to take her photo with her child, as a memory of her tribal presence in the palace!

In Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, photo of a tribal lady:
Tribal lady with child in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan


  1. WOW...what a picture! Everything on her are so richly crafted...that's Rajasthan for us!

  2. Thanks Bhavesh, Im stil preparing it.
    I'v never been in India!
    I dont know why, but I love it...

    kiss kiss

  3. Beautiful shot. The colors are amazing!

  4. They are so very handsome. And so very happy looking. What a great shot!

  5. Gosto de ver esse belo sorriso e esse alegre colorido.

    Um abraço.

  6. That's a very striking photo, and I love the serious look on the baby's face.

  7. @ OutrosEncantos: Take your time :) Most of the people love India, perhaps because it is mysterious in a way.

    @ Unravel: I'm glad you liked!

    @ Thérèse: Really!

    @ Renee: The same thing caught my eyes :)

    @ Clytie: She's a she, even though she looks like a he :) I'm happy that you liked the photo :)

    @ Sônia Brandão: Obrigado :)

    @ secret agent woman: That actually is a wonder why the baby has serious look! Anything wrong baby? :)

  8. What a wonderful photo, well worth what you paid to snap it and I'm sure the charge was very minimal, wasn't it?

  9. @ RNSANE: It was almost free. Just around one-fifth a US Dollar.

  10. This photo has that "WOW" feeling...


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