Night Photography - Tree

Have you ever tried night photography? It's difficult, but is worth an experience. On our way back from Sam desert to Jaisalmer, we stopped the jeep in complete darkness, and used the headlights of the jeep to take this night photo of a tree.

Tree - Night Photography
Night Photography - Tree

Our night photography trick worked! Do you like it?


  1. It is very eerie but I like looks like a Halloween photograph.

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  2. It's a great photo!
    Have an amazing week :)

  3. Very nice photograph.You have captured the essence of night in form of the tree.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. @ RNSANE: It seems that you wanted to comment on my Photo of catfishes post. Oh yes, it does somehow looks like a Halloween photo :) And, congratulations to your blog; my best wishes :)

    @ Cheryl: Thank you; you too :)

    @ Hamaree Rasoi: I'm so glad that you liked the photo, Deepa!

    @ Ms. Chyme: Thank you!

  5. Indeed, it worked very well.

  6. @ Miss Val's Creations: Thank you :)

    @ Louis la Vache: :)


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