Portrait of a pigeon with groomed feathers and styled tail

Today morning, a pigeon sat on the terrace wall of the flat below. At the first look I couldn't find it any different than a street pigeon. "But was it really a common pigeon?", I asked myself. I came back and had a second look. The pigeon looked as if it had come from a parlor! Take a look. Do you see if its feathers are groomed? Look at the styled tail also :)

Styled tail and groomed feathers — Picture of a pigeon
Portrait of a pigeon with groomed feathers


  1. You sure have an eye for detail! And it's great that you keep your camera handy always! Love your work!

  2. Thar pigeon is groomed and ready to do anything.

  3. Hi, Bhavesh! How are you?
    Love the forest in your header. What a beautiful path!

  4. It almost looks like a statue, Bhavesh!

  5. Yes he does look stylish. I always used to get confused about pigeons because sometimes same species look different. Excellent and elegant photo. Hope all is well. BTW thanks so much for visiting my blog, appreciated. Been taking a small summer break. Anna :)

  6. I'm amazed. That pigeon looks EXACTLY like the pigeons we have out here in Texas!!! Identical! I somehow thought pigeons in India would look different, maybe more colorful!

  7. Hi Bhavesh,
    You did it again with the pigeon photograph and yes he does look like he just got out of a parlor.
    STUNNING pic!!
    Do stop by my site sometime.

  8. @ Neha: Thanks for the good words. And oh yes, actually I had to rush to get the camera quickly before it flew off :)

    @ Lucy: Maybe, dance!

    @ JM: I'm good buddy. How are you? I hope you're enjoying your traveling passion. The headher forest path was photographed in Matheran.

  9. @ Amin: Thank you :)

    @ Krisno: Thanks :)

    @ Ginnie: Aw! I didn't visualize it that way!! Nice one :)

    @ Anna: I too used to get confused, but apparently all street pigeons are the same, not just in the same street, but as per Holly too, all over the world! Glad that you liked this photo. Yes, all is well with me. Hope you're enjoying the start of the weekend with a good sleep at this time :) Oh yes, your blog is really nice :) Enjoy the summer break and do keep coming!

  10. @ Holly: Maybe, the pigeons you saw were distant brothers and sisters of the one above :) Just kidding. Ya, I too have noted that the pigeons look exactly the same no matter which part of the world they live in! I'm actually talking about the street pigeons. But there are innumerous sub-species of pigeons and many of them are way more beautiful than the beautiful common pigeons. They come in different colors, sizes, with different accessories like crest, tail, etc.! They are amazing!! A couple of weeks back, when I was in Hissar, Megha spotted a green pigeon. I will post its photo soon :)

    @ aipi: Thank you so much for your good words :) I'm happy :) Sure I'm coming to your site, right now :)

  11. Voice of nature is uniqueness, and everything in nature is unique. Beautiful picture.

  12. @ cyclopseven: That's so true!

  13. What a great photo indeed. The bird is indeed very striking. Its nice to take the time and really look at what is around one...thanks for sharing the beauty of the bird.

  14. @ Chris: Thank you :)

    @ Cheryl: You're so right; if we look around and stop by, there are way too many great things happening!

  15. He looks like he had a good balance of nutrition, so maybe he was owned by a breeder/racer before visiting you. His feathers are puffed up like that because he is cold.


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