Photos of sparrows sitting on window grill — female and male sparrows

From my childhood, I have loved sparrows, probably because it was the most common bird in our home. When in Jaipur a couple of weeks back, I was able to photograph the house sparrows. I was so happy with the moment :)

Tell me, do you like these photos? :)

Photo of a female house sparrow
Female sparrow on a window grill

Photo of a male house sparrow
Male sparrow on a window grill

Sparrows are so beautiful :)


  1. I guess I was never all that impressed with sparrows because they were so commonplace, as well, at my home in Columbus, Georgia. There were always hundreds of them, chirping and flitting around. I would get all excited when I would see a bright red ( male, of course ) cardinal or a brilliant hummingbird or even a woodpecker in our yard. Occasionally, we would spot a finch or a blue jay or mockingbird and that would excite me even more.

  2. I just lovveeeeeeed them. Such a beautiful shot.Compose of female sparrow is perfect! Well done! Do showing us some such perfect shots!

  3. @ RNSANE: Wo!

    @ Mansi: Sure :)

    @ OutrosEncantos: Thank you :)

  4. I love how you caught that moment when the male put his foot cute...

  5. @ Holly: So nice of you to note it :)

  6. I was also noticing the male stretching down with one foot ... what a wonderful moment to catch! I love sparrows - so beautiful and delicate.

  7. Love the little Sparrows... We have sparrows here too... I mostly have little Song Sparrows --but also have Chipping Sparrows. Those little birds can really SING loudly....

  8. I am a food blogger, so you are probably wondering what I am doing here.Found your site while generally surfing the web.You have some really awesome pictures.I specially loved how you made a fantastic picture out of a common house sparrows.I don't get to see them here in US but it is bird I really adore..they are indeed very BEAUTIFUL!!


  9. Parece que ele estava fazendo pose para ser fotografado.
    Lindas imagens.

  10. @ Betsy from Tennessee: Thanks so much for visiting and commenting :) Oh, are there song sparrows too? I haven't seen one yet! Have you posted any on your blog?

    @ Aipi: It doesn't matter what kind of a blog you are running. I too comment on blogs that do not cover anything about photography :) So thanks so much for your visit and for your generous comments. Well about sparrows, it seems that they may not be present in some part of the US because some friends from the US have commented that they do have sparrows at their places! :) Yes these are beautiful birds :)

  11. @ Sônia Brandão: Eu também penso assim :)


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