Weekend Fun :: Why are teachers stressed

Note: I received the below photos/scans in an email forward. These are not photographed/scanned by me. The copyright and credit of the photos/scans remain with the original photographers/scanners. If you are one of the original photographers/scanners, please let me know; I'll very happily link back to you. And oh yes, if you are one of those teachers, I guess I have expressed your stress nicely here :)

Why are teachers stressed - Funny way of expanding Algebra calculation

Why are teachers stressed - Hilarious example of Calculus

Why are teachers stressed - The easiest way to solve square root

Why are teachers stressed - Trigonometry solved by blonde

Why are teachers stressed - Finding x in Geometry triangle Pythagoras theorem


  1. Oh, I showed those to my husband, a retired math teacher. He laughed and laughed!!!

  2. @ Holly: I'm happy to make him happy by this post :)

  3. I really like the "Find X". Here it is! Absolutely funny.


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